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Online-Nations.net Motivation:

Today we, the citizens of various states and nations, are limited in our freedom. Governments and administrations control almost every aspect of our lives.
States (and their governments) should be lean service organizations to make our lives better, but mostly they are expensive bureaucracies who serve only themselves, not the citizens.
For the main protagonists of these established political systems this works very well - for the politicians, civil servants, and lawmakers/lawyers it helps to increase their wealth and secure their power.
To ensure their wealth and their power however is not really in the best interest of the citizens.

Originally democracy was about the citizens controlling the state - not the state controlling the citizens and their vote. However this good idea with it's good intentions was lost somewhere along the way to today's pseudo democracies .

What can we do about this? We can form a community and avoid any aggregation of power not helping to improve our lives by establishing a direct democratic system. And we don't need geographic borders for such a community collaboration of joint decision making.
It won't be perfect. But it might become a good alternative to existing systems!