DISCONTINUED: online-nations.net was discontinued due to following reasons:

  • No least common denominator was found in various discussion forums
  • Noone dares to mess with existing bureaucratic power centers
  • Critical mass for a community was not reached

The site will remain online - the ideas and concepts might still be interesting to some.

Efforts will be continued on www.independence4you.org to focus on one concept to change our reality.

Do you think, the politicians in your country have your best interest and happyness in mind (or their own)?
If you do not think, this planet is in good hands, Online-Nations.net wants to invite you to discuss an alternative to existing political systems.

A short definition of terms:
Politics is the process by which groups of people make decisions.
A nation is basically a group of human beings connected by some common socio-economic goal.
A state is a political association of individuals (people living together with a common set of rules/laws).

Online-Nations.net hypothesis: in a global community with a global information and communication network and a global economy, territorial political entities beyond the basic local communities (or counties) cease to make sense.

Online-Nations.net is a private initiative to start an online community for politics where people - the global community of homo sapiens - decide in a direct democratic way.
And most importantly: like Wikipedia (knowledge) and ebay (online commerce) and YouTube (entertainment) and other online communities we want to cut out the middle men - politicians and lawmakers - and save ourselves unnecessary expenses (maybe use the money saved in a more constructive way than spending it on lavish incomes for politicians and overboardering bureaucracies and expenses for international diplomacy).

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Disclaimer: Online-Nations.net was started by a non native speaker of English. Please forgive any liguistic deficiencies!
Online-Nations.net contains potentially controversial ideas and statements which some people could find offensive in respect to their own value system. Enter the site and evaluate the concepts at your own risk. Online-Nations.net will not be in any way accountable for emotional or intellectual distress caused by the content of this site!