Laws & Rules on

Comprehensible rules and laws: laws or other rules have one common purpose - to manage the boundaries and interfaces between individual freedoms (of individuals or groups of individuals). These rules or laws must be comprehensible for the average citizen . Rules and laws are put in effect by direct democratic consensus. Each law must be judged by at least following additional criteria outside it's content:

It is the goal of to keep legal systems as small and manageable as possible and avoid any unnecessary rules or laws.
All legal affairs are subject to direct democratic proceedures with the community taking the decision.
It is the goal of to prevent the formation of a "ruling elite" controlling the laws and rules and/or obtaining a monopoly in any legal affair (se also "Aggregation of Power").

The community of will define the laws. Passing laws will require a direct democratic majority plus a positive evaluation whether the law is comprehensible and necessary.