How to ensure that coming generations are fit to govern themselves?

To function well, democracy needs well informed, critical, mature, intelligent voters. An education system has the task to help kids to develop into such grown ups. The educational concept of is therefore based on the theory that children by nature are driven by curiosity and at certain stages in their development by rebellion.
The goal is to use this natural curiosity and innovation drive and create an environment where it can be satisfied, providing a pleasant learning experience and use this drive and curiosity to advance knowledge and the society.
The most difficult topic regarding education is the right mix between guidance and providing securities on one hand, and opening up chances to develop freely and with as little prejudice as possible on the other.
It is not goal of the education concept to pass on any one specific value system or culture, but to open up the entire world of different value systems to individuals and provide, if needed, guidance.

Basics of the education concept: