Status Quo of Democracies
Representational pseudo democracies have replaced the original idea of a direct democracy. These democracies are "pseudo", because a citizen has no true choice - choice is limited to options from a predefined system and an existing power elite.
The available parties usually do not really represent the interests of a citizen. Only during election time these parties postulate some campaining slogans to create the impression of concern for the citizens wellfare.
Most politicians are generally viewed as prone to corruption, nephotism, aggregation of personal wealth, and ambitions for power.
These pseudo democratic systems are set up to avoid reform or substantial changes of established power structures.
In most pseudo democracies , the opposition is part of the system and totally interchangeable with the momentarily governing parties.
Whoever you vote for - nothing really changes!
There are some obvious examples for this: nations with only two parties, where from a holistic perspective virtually no choice exists. While these parties are fighting mock battles for power the general course is absolutely set.
The vote for either of these fractions might change the course (figuratively speaking) one degree right or left, but the other 360s of possible directions are ignored.
Many so called "political representatives" or "civil servants" in this nations come from already influential families so "titles" are (almost) inherited. In extreme cases in such nations a presidency is passed from father to son (maybe with a short detour to the other party - you all know which country I am referring to ;-) ). There is no real difference between feudalistic or imperialistic systems and these pseudo democracies - they just got way better advertising by promising choice and freedom which are not really there.
Most pseudo democratic states are less obvious due to the fact that there are more parties to choose from. They are weaker versions of the same principle (allowing to choose inside maybe 10 out of the 360 possible.
Some countries like Swizzerland at least try to establish a system of direct democracy , but they are definitely the minority.