Private Initiative: is a private initiative. The goal of is to present a concept for an alternative political system based on online communities.
This site intends to be a seed. What (and if anything) grows from this seed is up to a direct democratic process driven by the sites users ( citizens).

Web Site Technology & Design:
This web site as of now is privately maintained by a non native English speaker with little to no professional knowledge regarding state of the art web site technology and is designed on a very limited time budget. Please regard this website for its content of ideas, not for it's form, and be forgiving regarding linguistic deficiencies.
Future improvements (forum, wiki, link to wikipedia, ) will be implemented if there is enough feedback (and support) from the community.


  • has no higher purpose other than to publish some ideas and concepts, describing how existing political structures might be evolved, reformed, and/or replaced by something directly democratic.
  • Finding current democracies too much focused on the maintenance of existing power structures with no real choice associated to the vote, online-nations' goal is to present an alternative scenario.
  • Existing dictatorial states are naturally quite prone to reform - for people living in such a state the ideas presented on might also show a potential path out of dictatorial oppression.
  • does not aspire to postulate one absolute truth or perfect system. There are many, often conflicting individual truths in this world. This site wants to become a platform for all those who prefer peaceful coexistence and exchange of ideas to fighting for who's more right than the other.

Content Design Criteria: keep it simple!
If I were into thousand page volumes, I would be writing books. should focus from the beginning on sticking to the essentials and avoid unnecessary elaborations. It is not a goal to quote existing expert knowledge or use an experts' language with experts' terms.
If average readers have trouble understanding the ideas in this site, something went wrong (mail me and we'll try to improve the site and make it more comprehensible)!

Four paragraphs "about this site" are more than enough for starters!
Impressum: B.G.Honemann c/o Kajetan Woferl; Mitterndorf 15; A-8983 Bad Mitterndorf; Austria